Ticker Energy

Ticker Energy

Ticker Energy® is the integrated analytics, data and news platform for exclusive information from all Indian energy sectors. Ticker Energy® is a one stop portal with deep insights on specific energy sector, providing real time data on major commodities across India. Ticker Energy® platform aims to deliver authenticated data, advanced visualization, technical analysis and reports based on current and historical energy data which enables organizations to get valuable insights and take better business decisions.

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  • Covers data on electricity generation, distribution and consumption.
  • Covers data on production and consumption from all energy-intensive industries.
  • Energy tariff data
  • Extensive coverage of the renewable energy sector
  • Regional and state-wise data
  • Exchange traded power data
  • International energy data
  • Energy overview/news
  • Government tenders and latest policies
  • Weather report
  • Energy audit services


  • Energy analytics
  • Sector specific energy reports
  • Conventional and renewable energy markets in one place
  • Commodity from energy intensive sectors


  • Indigenously developed products
  • Rich technical and domain expertise
  • State-of-the-art technology that delivers market data with superior accuracy and reliability
  • Front-end design based on contemporary technologies to ensure familiarity of operations
  • Data processing is fully optimized to ensure high performance
  • Flexible and seamless version upgrades