Ticker MVT

Ticker MVT

Ticker MVT® is TickerPlant's flagship integrated cross-asset market data platform for real-time streaming quotes, market news and analytics with information on domestic and international exchanges as well as OTC markets. This real-time market data platform delivers ultra-low latency, Tick-By-Tick data for stock, commodity & currency and features with completely customizable screens, advanced charting, comprehensive and advanced technical analysis as well as economic data.

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  • Integrated Market Watch
  • Market Eye
  • Real-time charting solutions with over 70 technical studies, tools and indicators
  • Strategy Tracker
  • Curve Analysis
  • Real-time news services from renowned national and international news agencies
  • Bond Analysis
  • MF Portfolio
  • Calculators (Parity, Options, Forward Rates)
  • Ticker Chat
  • Online High Value Deals
  • Live DDE Link
  • Corporate Fundamentals
  • Price/News Alerts


  • Forex
  • Fixed Income
  • Commodity
  • Equity


  • Indigenously developed products
  • Rich technical and domain expertise
  • State-of-the-art technology that delivers market data with ultra-low latency, and superior accuracy and reliability
  • Front-end design based on contemporary technologies to ensure familiarity of operations
  • Data processing is fully optimized to ensure high performance
  • Flexible and seamless version upgrades