Ticker Solutions

Ticker Solutions

Ticker is equipped to provide any sort of Datafeed & Consulting solutions. The details are as follows


Data Feed provides a comprehensive suite of data feed solutions for the enterprise, delivering superior accuracy, reliability, and high performance leveraging on the technological expertise. TickerPlant's market feed system architecture offers a highly flexible set of feed handlers, object distributors and application programming interfaces necessary to address the integration and performance demands of our customers. The architecture is robust and highly scalable to meet continuously increasing throughput expectations. TickerPlant’s Data Feed solutions can be readily used across various verticals including integration into financial portals/ broker websites/ media clients etc.


The consultancy services at TickerPlant are customized for each customer. The high level of customization is a result of the relentless efforts of team members. Their excellence has earned them acclaim from clients-both home and abroad. Due to the inter-linkages between different asset classes, there has been a growing need to provide integrated solutions. Our coordinated approach advances out of our abilities to grow balanced arrangements in light of our customers' business, condition, and aspirations and stretches out an unmistakable business preferred standpoint to them.

Few of our consultancy initiatives includes

  • Banks Mid Office / Risk Management software - Calculate market risk on portfolio investments. It can be tailored in terms of client portfolio, content and timing.
  • Financial Institution / Insurance Companies - Integration of markets to SAP application which helps in automatic report generation without any manual intervention reducing the risk of errors and helps in improving the efficiency for client.
  • Corporate Treasury Management - Market rate feed for valuation of portfolio and pricing of any financial derivatives instruments generally for all asset classes.
  • Strategy Back Testing and Optimization - With integrated data feed back-testing based on complex formula to optimize the output will help to determine accuracy ratio & maximum drawdown on Indicators & Oscillators


  • Multiple data feeds
  • Customised trading and treasury models
  • Price risk management consultancy
  • Chart API with 100+ indicators, oscillators, studies & tools
  • News feed API
  • Website integration
  • Live and delayed streaming data
  • Short and Long duration programs with live trading exercise for B-schools